Pediatric Feeding Therapy

Good nutrition is important for children’s growing bodies. But sometimes children can struggle to eat the variety of foods they need for their health and development. If you are concerned about your child’s mealtime habits, feeding therapy could be the solution. This treatment is designed to determine what is causing your child’s feeding difficulties and learn how to overcome them. With our therapists’ help, your child can learn how to eat and drink with confidence for a healthy body and happy mealtimes.

What Is Feeding Therapy?

Pediatric feeding therapy is a specialized treatment for children who struggle to eat or drink safely due to a developmental delay or disability. Your child will work with a speech-language pathologist (SLP), an occupational therapist (OT), or both depending on their specific challenges. Our therapists will work with your child on different activities and exercises designed to empower their ability to nurse, eat, and drink safely. This is vital for their overall health and nutritional intake.

Why Feeding Therapy?

Feeding therapy includes treatment for several areas of development such as oral motor control, emotional regulation, and sensory processing skills. Children who have a developmental delay or disability may have trouble with feeding due to one or more of these areas.

Because feeding is a vital life skill, you should schedule an evaluation with Believe Therapies if you are concerned about your child’s mealtime behavior or feeding habits. Early intervention can help your child overcome their struggles more easily so they can live their best life.

What Are the Benefits of Feeding Therapy?

When your child participates in routine feeding therapy sessions, they can experience a ton of great benefits such as:

How Can I Tell if My Child Needs Feeding Therapy?

Feeding therapy can help if your child is struggling to nurse, chew, swallow, or keep down their food. It’s also an extremely helpful treatment for picky eaters because this is often a sign of a sensory processing disorder. Some other signs that your child may benefit from feeding therapy include if they:

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